For Safety and Occupational Health, SPM cares the quality of life of all employees and of people who are in contact with SPM including surrounded communities. Since 2005, SPM has been awared for its occupational health and safety compliant to TIS 18001 standards of which the company has stricly applied as its directions to prevent any health problems and accidents at workplace as well as within the community.

Visions on Occupational Health and Safety

The present society has changed to be the industrial society which more concerns are on the occupational health and safety.Thus it is the most important that all parties understand and recognize their participations to care and to carry their responsibilities towards the health and safety within their organization. This will keep a constant development at the organization.

Policies on Occupational Health and Safety

SPM takes the occupational health and safety as its priority for a business operation. To assure that we care, SPM has outline the structure of the occupational health to direct its objectives for the business operation as follows:
    • To proceed and to develop the occupational health system in accordance with the rules and directives which the company has agreed upon.
    • To improve and to prevent dangers from intermediate level and higher for all employees and all related parties.
    • To promote adequate resources for personnels, time, budgets including appropriate trainning programs.
    • To support and initiate activities related to work safety which will motivate the recognitions amongs employees to meet the management's objectives. The activities should be strictly participated by all staffs and supervisors.