"Good Quality Practice is Our Services"
General services provided by the Matallurgical Laboratory are chemical and mechanical examinations for low carbon steel products. Moreover, our laboratory has also been certified for its testing standards which meet TIS 17025 standards issued by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute for its accreditations for Tension Test and Bend Test.
Tension Test
Tension test will provide the values of tensile strength , yield strength , percentage of elongation and percentage of reduction area of specimens, we use Universal testing machine and�stress/strain rate control in accordance with specificed test standard.
Bend Test
The purpose of the test is to examine bend property of specimens by using mandrel of which the sizes would have to comply with standard specified at 180o. Followed the test, the specimens shall be visual checked to see cracked or any defects at the outside surface of the bent part.

Charpy Impact Test
The test is to check the impact properties of specimen at any temperatures following standard specification.The interested values are the absorb energy and %brittle area.
Chemical Composition Test

The chemical analysis is checked by spark emission spectrometer method to examine a percentage of
the following elements : C, Si, Mn, P, S, Nb, V, Cr, Mo, Ni, Al, Cu and N that are effective to the steel properties of low carbon steel products.