The show product specification on this web page is only referance. It shall be comfirmed by SPM's Sale for ability of production.

1. For general structure and weld structure i.e. warehouses, building constructions, bridges, ships, rolling stocks, containers, tanks and other structures/constructions.

Standard  : TIS 1479  TIS 1499  JIS G 3101  JIS G 3106  ASTM A36  ASTM A283  CSA G 40.21  BS 4360  EN 10025(1993) EN 10025(2004)  DIN 17100  AS/NZS 3678



2. For general fabrication purposes and drawing i.e. covers, storage tanks, silos and other general purposes that are required superiority in bend ability and drawing quality.

Standard  : TIS 528  JIS G 3131


3. For machine structural use i.e. chains , gears.

Standard  : TIS 1501   JIS G 4051


4. For hull structures.

Standard  : ABS  BV  CCS  CLASS NK  DNV KR  GL  LR


5. For boilers and pressure vessels i.e. gas cylinders and other equipments for high pressure service.

Standard  :  ASTM A285  ASTM A516  JIS G 3103  LR


6. For structural members for buildings that are required high strength property i.e. terminal airport.

Standard  : ASTM A572  BS 4360  EN 10025(1993)  EN 10025(2004)  DIN 17100  AS/NZS 3678


7. For steel pipes i.e. the pipings for conveying oil , gas etc. 

Standard  : API 5L