MS-QWL    (2009-10-27)
SPM has started to participate in Management System of Quality of Work Life (MS-QWL) during March to September 2009 and ended the project on October 27, 2009. MS-QWL has been organized by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and The Human Capacity Building Institute (HCBI).
CSR-DIW 2009    (2009-09-22)
In 2009, SPM has participated in the CSR-DIW program run by the Ministry of Industry and department of Industrial Works. The ISO institute has been authorized to inspect and verify all participating companies. SPM has received the awards on September 22, 2009 represented the company by Mr. Taweedej Pitichaichan, president of SPM.
S.H.E. Week for our life.    (2009-07-14)
S.H.E. Week for our life is part of the Kick-Off activity for CSR-DIW on May 18, 2009 after the MOU signing ceremony held on April 9, 2009 by Mr. Taweedej Pitichaichan, SPM president. The activity included health check service and exhibition providing information on social responsibility works and preserving natural resources and environment, improving quality of working life, energy conservation including health and safety information. The programs stressed the promotion of personnel developmen
Teach & Take    (2009-07-10)
Aim to be more efficient on energy and environment management, SPM has continuously arranged a plan for energy and environment especially increasing knowledge and skills on energy and environmental conservation for children.
Ceremony on the Buddhist Lent Day 2009    (2009-07-10)
On July 3, 2009, SPM has participated at the ceremony of the Buddhist Lent Day organized by the local municipality and Bangpakong community. The event has welcomed many people from different companies and students from school located around the area.
Songkran Festival 2009    (2009-04-17)
This year, Songkran festival was held during April 16 – 17, the community at Village 14 of Bangpakong area has organized annual event which included watering elders, religious ceremony at Wat Maisongkrorat (Wat PheeKhut) and a ceremony at PhoPoo shrine.
Publicizing information and news on company social responsibility.    (2009-04-10)
With the goal to encourage employee to participate more on social responsibility activity, SPM has organized varied activities related to environment, education, religion, society and traditions and etc. in the nearby community. These events give all parties opportunity to exchange their ideas and it will lead to sustainable development.
SPM has signed an MOU on Corporate Social Responsibility standard for year 2009 (CSR-DIW 2009)    (2009-04-09)
SPM has signed the MOU arranged by the Department of Industrial Works in cooperation with ISO certification institute. The MOU consisted of seminars and trainings for 110 companies.
SPM has participated at the Implicated Energy Conservation by Control Industrial Sector (Eastern Part)    (2008-10-02)
SPM has joined the program run by the Implicated Energy Conservation by Control Industrial Sector (Eastern Part) and the Department of Energy Development and Promotion, Ministry of Energy, on October 2, 2008. The program aimed to encourage all employees to participate in the activity and use the most out of the energy.
SPM has received the flag of the good governance for environment project    (2008-09-02)
On September, 17, 2008 the certificate and flags receiving ceremony of the good governace for evironment project was be held by the Ministry of Industry. The representatives from 5 companies in Chachoengsao Province receieved the certificate and flags.
SPM has participated in the donation for the construction of the four-faced building    (2008-09-02)
Mr. Taweedej Pitichaichan, SPM President, has met the governor of Chachoengsao Province on September 23, 2008, to offer its join donation for the construction of the four-faced building of Chachoengsao Province. The donation is worth 500,000 Baht.
Participated in the "Blood Donation"    (2008-08-28)
On August 27 2008 , the employees of SPM participated in the Blood Donation for the more people who have waiting to be helped at the convention center of Bangpakong District , Chachoengsao Province.
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